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10 Tips for Traveling with Couple

travel_coupleYou and your partner may be the perfect partner in the house, but it does not mean that the style way you will match. For some people, that experience does not always bring the touch of fresh air. Some people feel frustrated reveal their reluctance on the pair to be active in the travel plan. The other said, they feel disappointment for the dramatic things that are unimportant. Some rover share lessons on matters of their nature, including their unique strategies for dealing with the dots that are difficult to pair with them.

1. Remember that the pair travel is not business visits
“I can make a world tour and do not feel. We are working to complete the sentence, and my husband can catch the message! He often travels international business travel and family really different!”

2. Find time for the walking themselves
“We have found great way to avoid boredom after 24 hours of togetherness. Make sure to schedule a separate travel regularly, do you like throughout the afternoon or evening. This discussion will provide the materials and reduce the pressure.”

3. Do not stray/lost
“I often feel stress because I was the map reader and navigator, while the husband driving. This causes us more brawl from everything. But now we use GPS, and that change everything!”

4. Recognize the power of your partner
“He makes paper work and we do not lose even one moment, and I greatly appreciate it because we can make better decisions.”

5. Solve disputes before it happens
“It takes time for us to deliver confidential and holiness of our peace agreement … we swear to have fun during the holidays! How we do it: we discuss in the beginning, before departing, it usually causes the fracas. We finish it before happen. ”

6. Stomach should be satisfied
“The taste of hunger is very dangerous, we learn not to eat delay after the museum “or “later after we are in Malaga, because it is very bad”.

7. Stay optimistic despite the inconvenience
“I would easily understand that people can feel the heat as a result of sorts, not sure will be the goal, feel hungry for 2 hours, or even longer and knows what else can happen, as if this list can take forever. We all feel and I feel almost mad. However, as they often travel far and long, I enjoy the togetherness we learn and that this is not compare with what we see or not see us, what and when will we eat, when we will arrive at the destination — For a wife in the side. ”

8. Let small things passed
“I think the less we have to contend during the holidays, although we spend more time together, because we feel happy in there. We always feel the vibration “Woo Hoo, we will shoot another holiday” and concerned issues that may disrupt our home “.

9. Always find drugs for disappointment
“If you do not had the opportunity to visit a museum, there is another way in the end there. If you turn you can find another way to arrive there. If you order something that you do not like the message again just something else. If you do not see this for travel, the returns plan. ”

10. Take world as a pair of lovers
“Indeed, I find that we almost never quarrel or disagree when we Traveling. Perhaps because of this we stray from all the stress that can cause differences between us. This kind of syndrome ‘both of us against the world’


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