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How to Get Comfortable Sleep On Airplane?

If you often do traveling using airplane then check out this travel tips video : how to get some comfortable sleep during long flight. Do remember to bring comfortable clothes, sweater, thick shocks, soft blanket, 2 travel pillow, slip-on shoes, and neck support before boarding your next flight. To achieve relax and better sleep also […]

September 21, 2010   No Comments

Airline Luggage Weight Limit Checking Tools

Before traveling, we should prepare everything that we need like travel document, passport, our country embassy address, cloth, and communication gadget, camera, and others. But, make sure you only bring important thing and don’t make your luggage over-limit with unuseful stuff. Besides it can make your travel journey unpleasure, Your airlinesĀ  they will refuses to […]

September 9, 2010   No Comments

How to Plan a Romantic Weekend

Had our busy work schedule and the hectic demand by our society, it is hard to take a week off work without having to worry about it. If you have this problem, spending time with your important person can also become a challenge, rather than admit the fact, you can schedule a weekend for 2-3 […]

August 8, 2010   No Comments

Travel Tips : How to Prevent Jet Lag?

According to Wikipedia, Jet lag (desynchronosis, in medical) is physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms; it is classified as one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Jet lag results from rapid long-distance transmeridian (east-west or west-east) travel, as on a jet plane. Based on NASA research, When passing through one […]

July 15, 2010   No Comments