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How to Plan a Romantic Weekend

romantic-couple-vacationHad our busy work schedule and the hectic demand by our society, it is hard to take a week off work without having to worry about it. If you have this problem, spending time with your important person can also become a challenge, rather than admit the fact, you can schedule a weekend for 2-3 days instead of the whole week. Sometimes, a romantic weekend can do just as much for you and your loved one as a long trip in terms of tying and connect again to each other.

Here are some romantic travel tips you should consider before go out:

1. Choose a location that is relatively near and accessible for you and your partner, remember that you’re on a limited time so don’t spend too much time to travelling. The simploest, you can go to a resort, lake, or lodges near where you stay, if you live outside the city, visiting the city for a weekend is not a bad idea! Anyway, the point is don’t spend too much time to travelling but spend as much time visiting or doing things together with your loved one.

2. You must leave everything behind like PDA, laptops and anything work related when vacation in the weekend. By doint this you can forget about your work and emails, and focus your time to enjoy your traveling.

3. If you have children, trust them to your babysitter or your other family member. So, you can safely enjoy your short 3 days trip without having worry to check up on them constantly.

4. When planning activities to do during the getaway, try not to plan too much to unenjoyable activity. If you’ve planned the trip near enough, I’m sure you’ll find a lot more time to get back into doing the activities you did not managed to do during this trip in the future. Take your time and relax and enjoy the romance.


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