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10 Useful Travel Tips For Abroad Traveller

traveling abroad tipsIf you have a plan to traveling abroad. It’s better if you follow this great travel tips by Dan Kiraly. He has many experience traveling around the world. I think this travel tips very useful for next traveller.

Check travel Warnings and Alerts
Make sure it is safe to travel to your travel destination. Travel Warnings and Alerts are available at any of the regional passport agencies, embassies and consulates abroad. The information is also available online at the Department of State homepage and updated contantly.

Register your trip
It is a free service provided by the State Department. By registering your trip, they will at least have a starting place to look if you go missing.

Keep address and phone number of your local Embassy
When traveling abroad, make sure you have the address and phone number of your local Embassy. In an emergency you want to have this information readily available.

Before traveling, Find out if your health insurance company will cover you in an emergency abroad.
In the event of an emergency, cost is not your first concern. It is however, a third or fourth concern. I had a friend who traveled to Thailand and had to have an emergency appendectomy. He spent four days in a hospital in Bangkok and when he got home he had a bill for $20,000 that wasn’t covered by his U.S. provider. A travel insurance policy would have cut that cost to almost nothing.

Notify your credit card companies when traveling to unusual places or for long periods of time.
The last thing you want to happen is to have your cards canceled by your credit card company because they believed the card had been stolen.

Use a pack cover to prevent pockets opening
When checking your backpack at an airport, use a pack cover to prevent pockets opening and straps catching on conveyor belts. Now I can tell you from experience you don’t want to be the person at the airport collecting their pack that is open and ripped to shreds.

Keep 20 bucks in your shoe
In an emergency, $20 can get you a ride, meal, and a phone call. It hasn’t happened to me but I have met people with horror stories about being robbed abroad. With no money and no ID, they had to beg for a few bucks for a cab ride to the Embassy.

Use a water bottle with a filter
If your unsure about drinking the water where you’re going, use a water bottle with a filter. You can get one at any camping store. Remember different countries have different organisms in the water that the locals’ bodies are used to. Forgieners might not have that same luck in drinking the water. When in doubt, drink bottled water with a name that you trust.

Go with the flow
Traveling, especially aboard is one of the best experiences you could possibly have. You’ll meet tons of travelers who just want to see the world and have a good time doing it. Be respectful of others and their beliefs when abroad because they might be different from your own. Be open minded and friendly and I guarantee you’ll have a great time.

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