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5 Tips for Comfortable Long Trip

airplane passenger travelerUsing aircraft to visiting the tourism place during the holidays is the fastest way and comfortable to get to the destination. But when a long trip on the plane until 3 hours more, then you need read these tips to make your trip fun.

1. Type of clothing
Choose clothing that makes it easy to move and absorb sweat. t-shirts is best choice. Put your shirt on the carry bag. If at the destination you need to change cloth with a shirt, you can do it in the toilet.

2. Relax your feet and hands
Your feet should be relaxed and free to move. You should loosen the ropes or take off the shoes while still wearing socks to keep out the cold. You can also do small exercise in the seat. Like shaking the head or making hand motions like folding and stretching.

3. Refresh body
Try to eating before boarding, because it will refresh your body and give energy for long trip. To refresh the skin can wipe with a warm towel or wear body lotion.

4. Walk
You can also do a walk along the aisle aircraft, when the aircraft stable and the use of seat belt sign is extinguished. You also can stand on a chair beside a small plane and doing gymnastics. In order not to disturb other passengers comfort, ask permission to around passengers first.

5. Massage oil
Bring massage oil and apply to the nape of the neck when the body feeling ill. In order not to disturb other passengers, look for soft-scented oil or perfume and ask for permission to passengers before using it.


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